A Summary Doctrinal Statement

The Book

We believe the King James Bible to be Read More...a faithful translation of the inspired Word of God, preserving it for the English speaking world. We also recognize that the underlying original language texts are valuable as aids in interpretation and application. ...Read Less

The Blood

We believe the shed blood of Christ is Read More...the only basis of our redemption. It is the all sufficient and exclusive provision for the sins of the world (Hebrews 9:12, 22)....Read Less

The Blessed Hope

We believe that Christ is comingRead More... back to the earth, at the end of the Seven Year Tribulation Period, to establish His kingdom on earth (The Revelation 19, 20). But first, He shall come into the air above, just prior to that Tribulation Period, to catch away His Bride, the Church, in the event we term, "The Rapture" (I Thessalonians 4:13-17), also called the "Blessed Hope" (Titus 2:13). ...Read Less

Biblical Separation

We believe that a Christian has aRead More... perfect standing before God, in Christ, and should progressively bring his conduct into conformity to that honorable position (I Peter 1:14-16). Biblical separation, whether personal, or ecclesiastical, must not be defined by personal preferences, but by biblical commands and principles. ...Read Less

What About Those UFOs?

Each day or so another item appears in the news media, increasing the anxiety of earthlings concerning the presence of UFOs in our universe. There can be no question about the reality of their existence, by definition. The abbreviation, UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) could be applied to any unrecognized flying machine. However, the connotation is that such objects are not only unidentified, but also unidentifiable. Also implied is that the object seen is of alien origin, not merely some governmental experimental flying machine.

The first question to be answered, however, is, “Is there life in outer space?” Then follows logically the interrogative, “If so, are UFOs involved in their visiting planet earth?”

Bible believers know that answers to life’s questions are found in the Word of God. Unbelieving scientists and political leaders, with the liberal news media, would verily scoff at that which follows. Sadly, many good theologians and students of the Word, in this modern era, also gaze on such as hold the following position, as quite antiquated in outdated views.[1] But, the position is a tenable theory, based on solid principles of bible interpretation.[2]

It begins with the thesis that in Genesis 6:4, “The sons of God,” are to be identified as fallen angels, who cohabited with earthly women, resulting in the corruption of the human family and the generating of a new race of beings, and the judgment of the Creator God on that generation.

Given that: 1. The earth (alone) was created to be inhabited (Psalm 115:16); 2. Satan’s chief work it to deceive earthlings (Revelation 20:3, 8); 3. Christ said the characteristics of Noah’s Day would be repeated in the last days (Matthew 24:37), and finally, that demons desire to inhabit a body (Mark 5:12), this writer concludes that UFOs are but the deceptive work of Satan’s messengers, called demons. One might do well to consider this in light of the historical record (Genesis 11:4, and context) of Nimrod’s sinister purposes at the Tower of Babel.

One might ask, “For what purpose would Satan want to do this?” It would be interesting to hear from you, the reader, as to the answer to that question. Your (comments) are always welcome.

One purpose--and it is involves some conjecture on the part of this writer—it is a part of the deception to bring the Antichrist to power, involving the latter’s explanation to the world as to what happened to all those fanatical Christians, who recently so mysteriously disappeared from earth’s scene.

This writer well believes that we are in the last days; that the rapture is at hand, and demonic activity is on the increase—even in outer space. It is entirely possible that herein lies an explanation for the claimed alien abductions of earthlings.

Perhaps UFOs should be renamed: DFOs (Demonic Flying Objects).

[1] It is not the author’s intention to present detailed doctrinal studies in this section of the web site. Much will be left unsaid, but hopefully will provoke the serious student of God’s Word to investigate more deeply into the subject at hand.
[2] This writer is well versed in the arguments of those who reject his views on Genesis Six. However, he also is able to refute those opposing views, and establish his own position with sound arguments from scripture—such a view that leads to the expressed conclusions.