A Summary Doctrinal Statement

The Book

We believe the King James Bible to be Read More...a faithful translation of the inspired Word of God, preserving it for the English speaking world. We also recognize that the underlying original language texts are valuable as aids in interpretation and application. ...Read Less

The Blood

We believe the shed blood of Christ is Read More...the only basis of our redemption. It is the all sufficient and exclusive provision for the sins of the world (Hebrews 9:12, 22)....Read Less

The Blessed Hope

We believe that Christ is comingRead More... back to the earth, at the end of the Seven Year Tribulation Period, to establish His kingdom on earth (The Revelation 19, 20). But first, He shall come into the air above, just prior to that Tribulation Period, to catch away His Bride, the Church, in the event we term, "The Rapture" (I Thessalonians 4:13-17), also called the "Blessed Hope" (Titus 2:13). ...Read Less

Biblical Separation

We believe that a Christian has aRead More... perfect standing before God, in Christ, and should progressively bring his conduct into conformity to that honorable position (I Peter 1:14-16). Biblical separation, whether personal, or ecclesiastical, must not be defined by personal preferences, but by biblical commands and principles. ...Read Less

Sins of the Fathers

There is an ad on TV, currently, that well describes the growing attitude in America, at least among liberals, toward Christians, and godly principles and standards of conduct. The promoted product is called the “Topsy-Turvy Tomato Plant.” The connotation is one of “being upside down.”

The stream of American opinion that has the ear of the media, and is thereby voiced as the main view, well fits the description of the referenced product. They agree that some things are wrong in America, and some things right. Among the right ones that might be enumerated, are: Abortion; sexual activity outside of the marriage bonds; homosexuality; amnesty for alien law breakers; the right of politicians to live their private lives as they please, and to make their own rules as they go (providing, of course, the politician is a Democrat, playing ball with the party leaders); ignoring our founding constitution, whenever it might be expedient to do so, to promote the progressive-liberal agenda; and lying, if it is for the greater good; and, perhaps the newest one--Being a Muslim (who can do no wrong, and is totally exempt from any “separation of church and state” matters, as required (so they say) by the First Amendment to our Constitution). Indeed, all these things are good and honorable, to the progressive liberals currently directing our country.

What then, to them, is evil? Well, let us enumerate them: Well, there is…uh…oh my! Whatever is considered evil, by them? Oh yes, now I know: It is naming the Name of Christ Jesus, and holding to absolute, unchanging standards of conduct. It is: Opposing abortion, believing it is murder; calling sex outside of marriage a violation of God’s standards; classifying homosexuality a perversion of God’s holiness; believing that illegal aliens who have broken our laws should be punished and deported, and that our political, social and religious leaders should be held to the highest standards of conduct.

Now, let’s see if I have this right: God is for good, and the Devil for evil. That means, then, that God is for the things that our President, his Cabinet, his Czars, and the Progressives in Congress, are for. And we, who hold biblical standards and convictions, opposing the conduct of our leaders, are following the Devil!!

The national tomato plant really is growing “upside down!” Read Jeremiah 2:11-13, by interpretation, to the nation of Israel, but which may be fittingly applied to America.