A Summary Doctrinal Statement

The Book

We believe the King James Bible to be Read More...a faithful translation of the inspired Word of God, preserving it for the English speaking world. We also recognize that the underlying original language texts are valuable as aids in interpretation and application. ...Read Less

The Blood

We believe the shed blood of Christ is Read More...the only basis of our redemption. It is the all sufficient and exclusive provision for the sins of the world (Hebrews 9:12, 22)....Read Less

The Blessed Hope

We believe that Christ is comingRead More... back to the earth, at the end of the Seven Year Tribulation Period, to establish His kingdom on earth (The Revelation 19, 20). But first, He shall come into the air above, just prior to that Tribulation Period, to catch away His Bride, the Church, in the event we term, "The Rapture" (I Thessalonians 4:13-17), also called the "Blessed Hope" (Titus 2:13). ...Read Less

Biblical Separation

We believe that a Christian has aRead More... perfect standing before God, in Christ, and should progressively bring his conduct into conformity to that honorable position (I Peter 1:14-16). Biblical separation, whether personal, or ecclesiastical, must not be defined by personal preferences, but by biblical commands and principles. ...Read Less

Is Israel Home to Stay?

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is reported today (February 16, 2010) to have said (www.onenewsnow.com) that the prophecy in Ezekiel, Chapter 37, has been fulfilled. (Please take time to read it.) I'm glad to know that he, evidently, takes Bible prophecy literally, and has knowledge of it.

If it is, as he says, that this prophecy has been fulfilled, then it follows that Israel is in her land to stay, and will never lose it again. Amos 9:15 makes that clear. It only takes one prophecy to establish a fact, but when many others say the same, the prophecy is doubly certain. Ezekiel 28:25, 26 is just one more passage, of many, to verify that our position is correct.

However, we need to realize that it is when they are returned to the land by the hand of God, that this truth will be realized. I would submit to you, that such a return has not yet happened. This is not to say that God is not in their presence there now, but that it is not the direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

The Prime Minister does not seem to recognize Ezekiel 37:14 as a reference to the Holy Spirit (note the commentary of Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, within the cited article), but in some kind of a generic sense, as in a new attitude. Since Israel, nationally, continues in unbelief toward their Messiah, it is not possible that their current presence in the Land fulfills prophecy; that the Holy Spirit has now come upon them.

The current possession of her land is only "the same kind of thing," as is prophesied: It is not the final fulfillment. Zechariah 14:-3 makes this clear. With other prophecies, we know that the Anti-Christ will secure Israel and guarantee her safety and protection for seven years. But in the midst of that time period, he will break that treaty, and come against her in great wrath. That is when Isaiah's portrait, in 1:8, will be realized. Her only resource then will be her God. He will deliver her. He will protect her. He will bring back her sons (Zephaniah 3:20)—not one will be left behind. He will purge them (Ezekiel 20:37, 38), and will permanently establish them in the land. Finally, they will know Who Jesus is!! (Ezekiel 20:42). (Please read Ezekiel 20. It will give you a great overview of Israel's history, and future.)