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We believe the King James Bible to be Read More...a faithful translation of the inspired Word of God, preserving it for the English speaking world. We also recognize that the underlying original language texts are valuable as aids in interpretation and application. ...Read Less

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We believe the shed blood of Christ is Read More...the only basis of our redemption. It is the all sufficient and exclusive provision for the sins of the world (Hebrews 9:12, 22)....Read Less

The Blessed Hope

We believe that Christ is coming Read More... back to the earth, at the end of the Seven Year Tribulation Period, to establish His kingdom on earth (The Revelation 19, 20). But first, He shall come into the air above, just prior to that Tribulation Period, to catch away His Bride, the Church, in the event we term, "The Rapture" (I Thessalonians 4:13-17), also called the "Blessed Hope" (Titus 2:13). ...Read Less

Biblical Separation

We believe that a Christian has a Read More... perfect standing before God, in Christ, and should progressively bring his conduct into conformity to that honorable position (I Peter 1:14-16). Biblical separation, whether personal, or ecclesiastical, must not be defined by personal preferences, but by biblical commands and principles. ...Read Less

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What In This World Is God Doing?

A series of articles designed to correlate current events with Bible Prophecy. They are all a kind of commentary on that which is prophesied in the Word of God. Many events we are seeing today are the very things Bible believing preachers have been predictively declaring for decades.

Your comments and questions are always welcomed and answers not returned personally will be contained in future commentary.

It's Not GOD that is changing...

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Here is an excerpt from Dr. Swaim's thesis, "The Search for Adam and Steve in Genesis," on the subject of homosexuality, the entire document being accessible through the link below:

Adam, newly created, watches a parade of animals pass by. In wisdom that is highly underrated by modern man's pride filled intellectualism, Adam is able to immediately and easily identify characteristics of animals, and appropriately name them (Whitcomb Lecture). Doubtless, as he does so, three things must catch his attention. He wonders at the creative genius of God; he notices that each animal has it's own companion; that they are also male and female. And, as Dr. Whitcomb points out, he realizes that none is worthy of being a companion to him (9). God graciously creates Adam a companion, and originates the uniqueness of Adam and Eve, called Man, both " . . . male and female. . ." (Genesis 1:27 KJV).

No change in this created order occurs prior to the Fall, recorded in Genesis 3. Christ confirms this order in Matthew 19:4-6, in one stroke approving marriage, fidelity, and male-female relationships as the original will of God. So any change that transpires contrary to this plan will stem from corrupt humanity's deviation from that which is natural. It is clear then that homosexuality is not natural. Malick says, "Homosexuality is no more godly, and thus is no more 'natural,' than any of the other evils mentioned" (337).

Click this link for PDF of entire article:
Search For Adam And Steve In Genesis

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